Roger Bennett vs. Tyler Sipriano

Total Running Time: 28:44
File Size: 415.5MB

Roger Bennett 6'4" 203 31yo
Tyler Sipriano 6' 185 23yo

Roger (Black Speedo) was visiting from Texas and asked Movimus for a match. Tyler (Black Speedos with Red Stripe) was up for the challenge. Roger is tough, rough and with a lot of wrestling experience. He was determined to beat a couple NYC boys before returning to Texas. Tyler was up for the challenge. He is in great shape, wrestled in HS a couple of years, and works out daily. He is powerful and was ready for the "big Texan". This is a slow paced, evenly fought match. Tyler keep taunting Roger verbally throughout the match. The only submission went to Tyler in a great reverse head lock and body scissors. There was no way out for Roger. He had to submit.

To see both these guys flex, strain, stretch and work so hard for the submission is awesome. The slower pace of this match makes these guys flex longer and harder to hold each other down. Tyler's well defined, muscular legs wrapped around Roger's head in a vicious scissors should have been total submission, but Roger wrestled even harder and broke the hold.

The cocky Tyler tried to verbally show his overconfidence, but Roger wasn't falling for it. Roger used his very long, strong legs to tie up Tyler many times. By Tyler is just too strong.. Tyler has huge "guns" and kept trying for the head lock that would end the match, but Roger wouldn't allow it. Tyler worked hard to get the hold on (a great sight), but Roger is just too knowledgeable.

Even non-wrestlers will have a respect for the great shape these two guys are in, and for their ability to give and take a lot of punishment.

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