Erick Richards vs. Chuck "Flying Tiger" Collins

Total Running Time: 17:18
File Size: 341.7MB

Erick Richard 5'7" 135 35yo
Chuck "Tiger" Collins 5'8" 145 42yo

Erick (black and white striped speedos) was somewhat anxious about this match having watched Tiger Collins in many other matches and knowing his great wrestling reputation. Tiger (blue speedos) was ready for a good "no holds barred" brawl. Both wrestlers went all out, right from the beginning. There are so many submissions in that match that we lost track. These two guys just couldn't get enough of each other. All you fans out there that want to see what a 42 year old can do, and have asked for this match, will not be disappointed. Tiger wrestles like he is a teenage - and he looks that good too.

We learned some moves and holds from these two experienced, tough men. Tiger really knows his stuff and he uses every bit of wrestling knowledge he has on Erick. Erick Richards is one tough guy who refuses to get beat. Tiger was able to break him down, but not without taking his shares of painful moves. Erick actually gets stronger as he wrestles. His stamina is outstanding and he loves beating a bigger guy. He shows just how much he has against Tiger.

Erick uses a vicious full nelson to take a fall from Tiger. Tiger returns with a downright mean full head scissors and double arm bar that has Erick begging to be let go. You've got to see these two guys go at each other. The longer the match goes on, the tougher it is for either man to get a submission.

We are sure you'll see both these guys in future matches.

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