Tyler Manning vs. Rusty Rabell

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Tyler Manning             5’11”         172 lbs          20yo
Rusty Rabell               5’11”         151 lbs          26yo

Tyler (white/blue speedos) returned to New York City for a weekend of matches. His first challenger is accomplished wrestler Rusty Rabell (green speedos). This match is skill vs. power. Tyler is a strong, cut and ripped, football player with little wrestling experience. Rusty is thinner, not as cut or built, but with years of wrestling experience. Most of us would bet on the wrestler.

But Tyler, albeit shy and a really nice guy, is simply an “animal” on the mat. He hates to lose – he’ll do whatever he has to in order to get his opponent to tap-out. Rusty takes control from the outset and gets Tyler wrapped up and in a lot of trouble early on. Tyler loses the first match and gets really pissed when he loses the second. Rusty is just giving Tyler a wrestling lesson.

Tyler just gets more and more aggressive, tougher, and he seems to get stronger and stronger as the match continues. No way is this a one-sided match. Tyler does his own “damage” on Rusty, but is it enough to be the overall winner.

Simply put, both wrestlers agreed on a re-match the very next day – Watch for it. You won’t be sorry!

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