Marco Talus vs. Bryan Kane

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Marco Talus 6’2” 177 25yo
Bryan Kane 5’10” 189 31yo

Bryan (multi-colored speedos), a wrestler from Vienna, Austria, was visiting New York City and contacted Movimus Wrestling asking for a match against Marco (white speedos). Bryan did some working out in matches with other NYC wrestlers, then came to the Movimus studio for the match he was asking for.

Marco lost some weight and has his body fat down to 1.4% - and he’s proud of it. Working out hard, everyday, Marco is at his best. Both wrestlers are more than ready for this match.

The first 18 minutes is a very fair exchange of moves and holds, both wrestlers trying for a good , tight submission hold – neither getting the move he was working for. Both are tough, strong and in really great shape – that’s always makes for a long and rough match.

After 18 minutes they take a quick break and head back to the mat. But the intensity increases and the level of competition is doubled. Both are out to win and win quick – so we get a submission, then another with some wicked, powerful holds. Control, reversal, control and another reversal and then head scissors – awesome combinations – then submission. Just great!

Hopefully, Bryan will be back for more matches. It’s always great to entertain a NYC visitor and get him to wrestle one or two of our wrestlers.

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