Charlie Epps vs. Stephon Michaels

Total Running Time: 25:40
File Size: HD 1.96GB/ 4K 2.91GB

Charlie Epps                   6’                207 lbs.
Stephon Michaels           6’1”            191 lbs.

Stephon (green speedos) challenges Charlie (blue/white speedos).  Both these big dudes are in great shape.  Charlie is a personal trainer and keeps himself in awesome shape , very strong.   Stephon is an all-around athlete, very fast and agile, lots of power.   This is a great match up.   Charlie is convinced he is stronger and tougher than Stephon.    Stephon challenges Charlie for one reason only --- to beat him !   

The initial lock-up is a test of strength.  Lots of pushing  - a real power struggle.    Charlie finally brings Stephon to the mat in a front face lock. He tries for the body scissors but Stephon won’t let him have it and Stephon escapes the head lock.   Stephon works to get behind Charlie and begins to work over the big man!   He wraps the body scissors around Charlie and maintains control of Charlie’s upper body, but that is not a challenge for Charlie at all.  He gets to his knees easily and works to reverse the move.   But Stephon hangs on with his powerful legs.  Even when Charlie escapes the body scissors, Stephon manages to get it back on Charlie pretty quickly.   This is real muscle-against-muscle!

It’s back and forth, give and take, for an exhausting amount of time.   Neither wrestler seems to be dominant and both wrestlers are taking some real punishment.  Stephon wins the first fall.   Charlie the second.  Then the intensity gets tempered up, both wrestlers knowing that there is going to be just one more fall and a definite winner.   Lots of great shots at some awesome moves, but no real success.   They both fight out of nasty chokes.  These guys are really working each other.   

Finally a winner – and a loser.    Reluctantly they shake hands and commit to a rematch – real soon and much more aggressive.   Watch for it !    

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