Jeremy Dobbs vs. Tanner Martin

Total Running Time: 21:34
File Size: HD 1.65GB/ 4K 2.41GB

Jeremy Dobbs                 5’11”            147 lbs.
Tanner Martin                  6’                 151 lbs.

Newcomer, nineteen year old Tanner (black speedos) challenges nineteen year old Jeremy (blue speedos).   Jeremy, a skilled and trained wrestler, found out early on in the match that Tanner is much, much stronger than he looks and is quite adept at most of the basic moves and holds.   Jeremy could not believe how awesome strong Tanner’s legs are.   He found out early in the match when Tanner caught him in a front face lock and body scissors and just kept squeezing until Jeremy had no choice but to tap out.

Jeremy comes back for the second fall a lot more cautious, but also totally convinced that he was doing to use all his skill and beat the “tall blond dude”.    Tanner continues to control Jeremy with those powerful legs, at one point even getting an excellent triangle choke on Jeremy.  But Jeremy was not about to tap out.   Totally brawl, struggling to escape, not letting Tanner get that one final tight lock, Jeremy does escape and begins to go to work on Tanner.   Great moves, super strong legs on both wrestlers, and some tremendous escapes – that’s the signature of this match. 

The match ends abruptly when Jeremy hurts his ear and doesn’t want to do more damage.  So both wrestlers agree to a rematch – a decisive rematch.  Evan Turner and Kurtis Rivers have already wrestled Jeremy and they both showed up to watch this match.   Now both Evan and Kurtis are asking for Tanner on the mat.   It’s going to happen !

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