Asa Cruz vs. Steve Mason: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 24:45
File Size: HD 1.37 GB/ 4K 6.78GB

Steve Mason 5’7” 132 lbs.
Asa Cruz 5’7” 127 lbs.

Steve (blue speedos) and Asa (striped speedos) have both been asking for a rematch since their first match.   Steve came back to Movimus more than ready to take down and defeat Asa.   Asa may be only 127 pounds, but check out his physique and especially his muscular legs.   If Asa is able to get those “python” legs wrapped around Steve, can Steve possible take that kind of pressure long enough to escape?

Steve also has an arsenal of wrestling weaponry.  He may not look as cut and ripped as Asa, but remember:   Steve beat Leo Sun in one match.  Asa has never beat Leo.  What promised to be a really good submission match was much better than we could have possibly imagined.

Steve not only took the power of Asa legs in both a body scissors and a head scissors,  but he was quite successful at escaping and reversing.    After 15 minutes of the some of the best give-and-take, back-and forth submission wrestling you can find anywhere, Steve finally got Asa to tap-out!   Unbelievable !  Totally unbelievable --- especially to Asa.  

The second and final fall is much more intense and very, very long held holds, one wrestler doing his best to maintain and control, the other wrestler doing everything possible to escape and reverse.   Vicious head scissors and figure four triangle.   Wicked armbar.   This is great!   You can bet this feud is not over.

Wrestlers: Asa Cruz, Steve Mason

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