Asa Cruz vs. Steve Mason

Total Running Time: 21:15
File Size: HD 1.17GB/ 4K 4.82GB

Steve Mason               5’7”                 130 lbs.                      
Asa Cruz                     5’7”                 129 lbs.

Steve (blue speedos) challenges Asa (pink speedos).   Asa has much more of a defined, muscular body than Steve, but Steve is a real wrestler.   He loves the sport, the challenge and the competition.   Steve is a master of many submission moves and holds, and he most certainly can take a lot of punishment without taping out.  Asa is more of a relaxed, easy-going type guy that takes the same to the mat.  It’s rare that Asa gets super aggressive or rough, but he sure can do that when he is pushed or attached.

Surprisingly, Asa comes out real strong and clamps a tight choke hold on Steve in the first couple minutes of the match.   Steve struggles and does everything he can to escape, but it is no use.  He is ultimately forced to tap out.   But that sure does set the tone for the rest of this match.

Steve is not about to let Asa get him like that again.  The next fall is almost 15 minutes of back and forth, give and take, but Asa definitely seems to be more in control.   A really wicked front face lock and body scissors by Asa has Steve again in a lot of trouble.   Steve comes back again with some real tough moves and locks.   Asa shows what he can take, but Steve is a really good wrestler and it’s hard for Asa to reverse or escape.  The struggle is totally awesome.

            There could not be more evenly matched wrestlers both looking for a win.   Nothing makes for a better match ! ! !

Wrestlers: Asa Cruz, Steve Mason

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