MJ Walker vs. Magnum Pino

Total Running Time: 20:50
File Size: 178MB

MJ Walker                 5'10"     149 lbs.
Magnum Pino            5'7"       144 lbs.

Magnum (white speedos), from Brazil, challenged MJ (black speedos) when he was visiting New York City.  Magnum is a trained ju-jitsu fighter -- college wrestler vs. ju-jitsu fighter!   Each of these guys started the match with total confidence of a victory.   The few people watching this match were in awe of the great bodies on both these wrestlers.

MJ started in his usual wrestling stance and went for a great first takedown and immediately brought Magnum to his back.  But on his back is exactly where a ju-jitsu fighter wants to be.  A collegiate wrestler basically has no idea how to handle a guy that goes to his back.  Before long, MJ was caught in a tight arm bar and forced to tap out.  MJ needed to change his strategy.

Everything MJ tried, Magnum had a counter for.  This match is two smaller, very muscular, tough wrestlers going at each other with everything they've got.  MJ was shocked at some of the holds that he found himself in.  Magnum had skills, moves and holds that MJ didn't even know were possible.

After seeing MJ destroy so many other good wrestlers, it is almost unbelievable to see him almost completely and totally controlled and overpowered by a smaller guy.   If you're a wrestler or any kind of trained fighter, you'll watch this match over and over again.

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