Tommy "Slick" Perris vs. Simon Jackson: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 17:14
File Size: 145.9MB

Tommy "Slick" Perris 5'8" 159 19yo
Simon Jackson 6'0" 170 20yo

THE REMATCH ! ! So many have asked for a rematch between Tommy (Red speedos) and Simon (purple speedos) ñ well, here it is, and there is a definite, complete and total winner. These two fantastic wrestlers are both determined to wrestle until there is no doubt who the winner is. They were both very frustrated after their first match that ended in a 40 minute draw. They were both determined and both vowed to learn more "tricks" and get the win.

They try everything in this match, they pull out all the stops. They both manage to keep it at wrestling, but Movimus doesn't know how. But there is a definite winner. One wrestler submits three times to the other. Slick is one very, very tough wrestler with awesome high school experience. Simon is totally the same. Equally matched - this is definitely one of the best Movimus matches - ever ! ! !

We guarantee and you will love this match and you will tell all your wrestling friends to watch it.

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