Max Anderson vs. Simon Jackson

Total Running Time: 21:37
File Size: 264.8MB

Simon Jackson                     6'              174 lbs            20yo
Max Anderson                      5'11"         179 lbs            20yo

Simon (black speedos) watched one of Max's (red speedos) matches and was sure that he could easily beat Max. Simon was very confident that his High School training, intensity and awesome head scissors could defeat Max. Simon was totally ready and psyched for this match. Max is easy going, not cocky or presumptuous; he took Simon very seriously, although Max felt from the first time they met that he could handle Simon easily.

Well, they watch each other warm up and Simon became a little more skeptical when he saw the defined muscular development of Max, especially his legs. They start with a great takedown, reversal, and Max throws in a tight body scissors. Simon struggles and eventually gets to his feet to break the hold ñ only to get brought back to the mat by a tight head lock by Max. Max more than proves that he can handle "real" wrestlers. He tosses Simon more than anyone has since Marlon Clemons. Simon is totally surprised at the power of the bodybuilder and Simon works to get the toughest moves he has ever used. Max counters them all and manages to keep bringing Simon to the mat and getting control. Simon is more than just frustrated. He totally hates to lose any match, especially one he thinks he should win to begin with.

When these guys left each other, later that day, Simon said to Max : "You can bet you will see me again!" We are looking forward to this rematch.

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