Ken Vitale vs. Erik Brown

Total Running Time: 16:24
File Size: SD 201.5MB/ HD 959.2MB

Ken Vitale 5’10” 145 28yo
Erik Brown 5’9” 163 20yo

Ken (green/white speedos) brought his friend Erik (black speedos) to Movimus for a match. Ken was pretty confident that he could beat Erik since he has more experience and has been practicing with other Movimus wrestlers. We took one look at Erik and knew that Ken was in trouble. Erik is built tough and you can tell by looking at him. He’s a gym buff, working out at least five times a week. He said he did some wrestling around with friends, but never anything serious. We showed him some basic moves and holds, especially submission holds, and let these two tough friends go at it.

It’s very obvious, throughout the entire match, how strong Erik is. He manhandled Ken for the whole match and just waited till Ken got tired and grabbed the submission. If Erik learns more and practices (and we will be sure he does) he will be an awesome competitor. His legs are so strong that he just wraps Ken up easily and holds him there. When Ken, with his really strong legs, get them wrapped around Erik, Erik just tosses them off – like it’s no effort at all.

Ken was holding back and was very timid, as you will see, but man is he tough. We will train him regularly, give him moves, holds and a load of confidence. You will see a lot of this tough kid.

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