Pete Chambers vs. Ken Vitale

Total Running Time: 22:19
File Size: 271.1MB

Pete Chambers 5'11" 146 18yo
Ken Vitale 5'10" 145 27yo

Ken (green/black speedos) has been training with the Movimus Wrestlers for 4 months. When he saw Pete (red speedos) in another Movimus match he told us that he wanted Pete to be his first Movimus Match. He got his match. Pete is real tough for 146 pounds, in great shape (he boxes weekly in Texas) and learning more and more submission wrestling. Ken too is in great shape, works out daily in NYC and loves to wrestle. He has really strong legs for his size and know very well how to use them.

As soon as these wrestlers hit the mat, Ken wraps Pete in a body scissors. At first Pete smiles and thinks he is going to just slide out, but his smile soon changes to a grimace as Ken puts on the pressure. Now Pete is really struggling to get out of the scissors without taping out. Pete realizes he has to use his own powerful legs just to be even with Ken, so he goes to work. He likes using his height to turn his opponent over on his neck and put on the pressure, and Ken doesn't like that at all. At one point, Pete gets Ken in a schoolboy pin position, grabs both legs and brings Ken over on his shoulders. When the pressure of the hold is not enough to make Ken submit, Pete wraps his long , strong legs around Ken's waist and squeezes hard. It's just matter of time - Ken taps.

He comes back tougher and stronger. He pushes the 18 year old around until Pete really starts taking control. At one point, Pete goes after Ken fast and hard, gets control and dominates. But Ken is a real fighter. He counters, balances, and reverses only to totally frustrate the teenager.

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