Joe Bailey vs. Michael Antony

Total Running Time: 20:19
File Size: 400.8MB

                           Joe Bailey                5’10"             147             21yo
                           Michael Antony         5’10"            153             21yo

Joe (skimpy green-pink speedos), the hot blond who already wrestled Jace Davis, is back to take on Michael (hot yellow pinstriped speedos). Michael is a hot 21yo college athlete. He is working out to be a competitive body-builder. He is tough, strong, and a natural winner. He knows what he wants and goes after it - at any cost. He is a cocky SOB with major attitude.

Michael is determined to win after his lost to Jace Davis. "My fans will think I’m a wimp if I lose again", he said. But Michael is a worthy opponent. His smooth, muscular body is well defined and impressive to look at (if you know what I mean). He knows how to use his legs and arms for control and leverage. He has a lot of natural ability and sheer determination. He likes to be in control.

Joe can take a lot while patiently wait for the right moment. He takes advantage of every mistake that his opponent makes. He proved he could last in a tight hold when he wrestled Jace, and he has not lost that ability in this match. He is like a cat waiting to strike after one fatal mistake by his opponent.

These guys are not friends. We was afraid that there would be a fistfight at any moment (wouldn’t that be worth taping), but instead they both just wrestled harder. Michael’s body was so powerful and held for such a long time that Joe actually had sore ribs for over a week after this match. Michael’s powerful arms had Joe in a cradle for such a long time that we thought Joe was going to pass out – but he wouldn’t give up or tap out.

Already the re-match is being spoken about!

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