Joe Bailey vs. Jace Davis

Total Running Time: 17:33
File Size: 348.8MB

                     Joe Bailey            5’10"              147            21yo
                     Jace Davis           5’8"                145            26yo

Joe Bailey, (green speedos), a young blond hunk from Brooklyn, comes to Movimus from various acting and dancing roles in numerous NYC shows. Joe is eager, aggressive, young, blond, and very attractive. His first Movimus match is against the veteran Jace Davis, (hot gray speedos), who is looking for a win after his loses to Swage and Erick Richards. Jace was determined to get a victory in this match, no matter what the cost. He had something to prove to us and his fans (and they are many). Jace began this match like a tiger and ended it like a lamb.

Joe is not an experienced wrestler, but he sure is great to look at. He gets quite a lesson from Jace, and Jace got a real surprise about 5 minutes into the first match. Jace thought he had a submission at least 3 times in the first 5 minutes, but Joe just got tougher and stronger as the match went on. Jace soon found himself trying hard to wrestle out of a full nelson and body scissors. We thought Jace was finished but he reversed the hold and caught Joe is a very painful head scissors. Jace tried his infamous figure-four around Joe’s head, but Joe was just too strong and quickly broke the figure-four.

There are just two submissions in this match. Each submission took over 15 minutes. The strain and pain is totally incredible as each wrestler got tougher, stronger and much more aggressive as the match went on. The match was most conclusive, but the fight is still not over. Both wrestlers asked us for a rematch - soon. You can look forward to see a lot more of these two handsome, young, hot dudes.

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