Derek Ortiz vs. Rock Petrov

Total Running Time: 28:58
File Size: HD 2.47GB/ 4K 4.95GB

Derek Ortiz 5'11" 145LBS
Rock Petrov 5'8" 163 LBS

Budding bodybuilder, Rock Petrov, makes his debut submission wrestling match against Derek Ortiz. Derek is a seasoned submission wrestler by now and is looking to dominate his opponent from the start.

Rock is determined to give Derek a good fight. Round 1 starts with both fighters feeling each other out. Derek gains the advantage and takes Rock down to the mat. He quickly gains full mount and starts tackling at Rock's body with a scissor. Rock is able to defend himself and manages to get back to his feet but was down again soon. He taps. 

After a while, Rock, figured out how to his muscles to his advantage. Round 2 starts with Rock taking the initiative and slamming Derek to the mat. He manages to keep him down for a while, but Derek manages to get back to his feet. A series of back and forth takedowns follows, with both fighters getting an opportunity to show their skills.

Finally, Rock is able to take Derek down and gain mount. He starts pounding away at Rock's body, but Derek manages to defend himself and get back to his feet. Using his signature body scissor, Derek manages to wrap Rock between his thighs repeatedly. Rock uses headlock to force Derek into submission, but Derek was determined not to tap out. 

Rock makes a solid and impressive debut and already he is asking to challenge other wrestlers. 


This match is filmed and released in High Dynamic Range ("HDR"). The 4K version is optimized for this match. 

Wrestlers: Derek Ortiz, Rock Petrov

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