Derek Ortiz vs. Case "CT" Thornton

Total Running Time: 32:39
File Size: HD 1.7GB/ 4K* 5.2GB

This is a slam dunk! With the right guys, Derek Ortiz is an experienced power house with stamina and strength to watch out for. However, when challenged against another seasoned wrestler, Case "CT" Thornton, we need to rethink the paradigm. 

The match started friendly. Both wrestlers have never wrestled each other over the years and it was interesting to have them finally meet. While not as experienced as CT, Derek has over the years improved on his wrestling, and with the right guy, he can be the dominant alpha on the mat. The first 5 minutes was spent sizing up each other, but the action gets going once CT realises he is in for tough resistance. 

This match deserves an A for effort for both parties. As the match progresses, Derek find it more and more challenging to get out of CT's grip. Move after, CT has him locked between his thighs and arms. It is like watching a cat playing with a mouse. No matter how hard Derek tries to gain an upper hand, CT cleverly maneuvers himself out of it. 

Both wrestlers demonstrated incredible stamina. The entire match, other than the first 5 minutes, was filmed in a continuous shot, with no breaks in-between. Not every wrestler we have has stamina like this and both wrestlers definitely deserves their second A for that.

*Note: The 4K version of the download is available in HDR and at 60fps. 

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