Ray Mousi vs. Derek Ortiz

Total Running Time: 27:07
File Size: HD 3.08 GB/ 4K 4.62 GB

Ray Mousi 5'10" 198 LBS
Derek Ortiz 5'11" 145 LBS

Derek has been wanting to challenge Ray Mousi for a while. He knows Ray is a lot bigger but he also knows that when it comes to dexterity on the wrestling mat, he has the advantage. Ray knows being a bodybuilder, he has size and muscles to his advantage and plays to them. 

Initially Derek struggles to get a hold of Ray to try to pin him down. This went on for several minutes before he got Ray down and quickly turned it into a choke. However, Ray was able to use his size to flip over and turn things around. For a while the match seem to be uneven given the disparity in sizes. However, both wrestlers used their physique to gain the upper hand. Time and again when it seems like the other wrestler is tapping out, the roles reversed. 

Both wrestlers could not be more different physically and mentally. Derek talks shit while Ray stays mainly silent. He knows actions speak louder than words and focuses instead of using his strengths to beat Derek. Already we can see a rematch between these two wrestlers in the future. Derek is not one to stay beaten easily. He has taken on wrestlers bigger than him and is not afraid of the challenge. 

Wrestlers: Derek Ortiz, Ray Mousi

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