Duke Russo vs. Apollo

Total Running Time: 33:25
File Size: HD 2.87GB/ 4K 5.7GB

Duke Russo      5’9”             176 lbs.
Apollo               5’9”             175 lbs.

Apollo (yellow speedos) comes to New York City just for a match against Duke (red speedos).    Apollo is confident that he can beat Duke – and , if he can do it, he will be the first.   But Duke is not about to let that happen.   They start off pretty even, exchanging holds and testing each other for power.   Early on Duke locks in a tight body scissors that, although he is able to escape, Apollo realizes just how much power and muscle he is up against.  Duke keeps the pressure on Apollo until Apollo reverses and gets Duke in a more-than-decent body scissors and cross face.   You can see that Duke suddenly realizes that he has more of a match than he bargained for, so Duke begins to turn up the pressure. Duke reverse the move getting another body scissors on Apollo and works hard to convert to a head scissors – successfully – also trapping Apollo’s arm and ultimately getting the win!

"The give and take is strenuous and fast-paced, with muscles having no choice but to pop and sharpen in definition."

Ringside at Skull Island


They continue the back and forth, give and take, each wrestler becoming more and more pumped and defined as the match goes on.   At one point, Duke gets Apollo in a full head scissors, Apollo on his back, and his body taut and struggling to escape.   Apollo’s muscles are stretched and strained to the max as he works as hard as he can to escape.  Apollo continues to do his best to get control and work over Duke.   Duke also is pushed to his max and you can see his body become more and more tensed and defined. 

But ultimately Apollo begins to get winded and Duke certainly takes advantage of that.  There is awesome action from these two magnificent bodies and you can bet that there will be a rematch!


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Wrestlers: Apollo, Duke Russo

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