Chuck Rowen vs. Brock Hammer

Total Running Time: 35:31
File Size: HD 2.04 GB/ 4K 6.6GB

Brock Hammer 6’2” 198 20yo
Chuck Rowen 5’7” 149 23yo

SAMSON vs. GOLIATH! Brock (red speedos) couldn’t believe that we were asking him to wrestle a 150 pounder. When we met Chuck (navy blue speedos) we know that he was not average, especially after we saw him on the mat. Trained in Ju-Jitsui and an attitude that just won’t let him tap out, we saw right away that this kid was exceptional. Then when we watched him wrestle a trained wrestler and coach – and win easily - we knew we had an awesome wrestler. So we asked him to wrestle Brock.

Brock gets the initial take down and control, but Chuck got over his jitters right away. Brock eventually got a good ankle lock and a submission. But watch Chuck go at Brock in the second match. The size difference is phenomenal. Any 150 pounder would be intimidated against Brock Hammer, but Chuck is all heart. As Brock talks dirt, Chuck gives it right back to him. Chuck finally takes down Brock and it’s all over – Brock taps.

And there are two more falls – awesome. We can’t wait to see Chuck take on a few guys nearer to his own size. You’re going to see a lot more of Chuck Rowen on Movimus Wrestling – but first he has a match to finish against Brock

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