Brock Hammer vs. Kevin Harris

Total Running Time: 21:47
File Size: HD 1.04GB/ 4K 4.82GB

Brock Hammer             6’2”              203 lbs             21yo
Kevin Harris                 6’1”              196 lbs             21yo

Kevin (blue speedos) and Brock (red speedos) are very evenly matched -- Football player against Wrestler. Both these muscular tough guys wanted this match. Brock talks “trash” throughout the match. We’re not sure Kevin was ready for Brock’s verbal abuse.

Brock gets control early on and is not about to give it up. He clamps a tight body scissors on Kevin. Check out the defined, muscular legs on both these guys as they exchange leg locks. As Kevin tries to escape, Brock just throws on another immobilizing move. Kevin is definitely on the defensive for the first match. It’s really great to see a very well cut and muscular 21 year old, Kevin, getting pushed around and controlled on the mat. It’s awesome to watch Kevin stretch and strain to reverse Brock, get a super hold – especially with his legs – and pour on that muscular pressure to get the dreaded “tap-out”. No one at Movimus hates to lose more than Brock Hammer.

In the end, Kevin gets a really great wrestling lesson, and Brock proves that he is fit and tough enough to take on the very best. This is truly one of those matches that you will watch over and over again.

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