Connor Flynn vs. Mikey Hanlon: The Rematch

Connor Flynn                 6’1”         178 lbs         23yo
Mikey Hanlon                 5’9”         171 lbs         22yo

The Rematch: Mikey (Zebra speedos) is totally confident – his plan is to beat Connor (blue speedos) so badly that Connor will not want to wrestle him again. Connor has a whole different idea on how this is going to go. It’s really great to get two guys that have had at least one match and are just waiting for a rematch. The strategy, planning, practicing, etc. is incomparable. Both wrestlers are totally convinced that they will win. Actually, at Movimus, we too were not sure how this one would turn out.

So the wicked, aggressive, strong and nasty moves and holds are just flying. These guys don’t hold back at all – it’s an all out war. Connor uses his powerful legs and leverage. Mikey uses his skill, training and technique and both wrestlers are overflowing with confidence.

They talk trash. They back up their talk with strength, power and inflicting pain. Mikey is working over Connor. Connor reverses and is working over Mikey. And so it goes, for thirty minutes, brawling, battling, great wrestling. But one guy has to win. They won’t stop until there is just one winner – and there is. This is one for the record books. Many of our Movimus wrestlers are going to watch this match and challenge these two wrestlers.

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