Lance Jeffers vs. Chip Woodson

Total Running Time: 24:03
File Size: SD 286.8MB/ HD 1.35GB

Lance Jeffers 5'8" 158 34yo
Chip Woodson 5'10" 153 19yo

A RING MATCH ! Lance (blue speedos) has been taught Chip (black running shorts) all the basic moves and holds in submission wrestling. Chip is the sixth of seven children (four boys) from a "back hills" South Carolina family. He was raised tough, rough ,and strong. His younger brother, a HS wrestler, came along to watch this match, putting a lot of pressure on Chip to win. But Chip was up against the smooth, trained, and skilled Lance Jeffers. Not too many wrestlers can get a submission from Lance, but Chip sure was going to give it his best shot.

This match is so intense and rough, that the only way for Lance to win was to wait till Chip was so exhausted that he had to submit. Chip proved quite able to throw Lance around the ring. Each time Lance would tie Chip up in some "inexcapable" hold, Chip would look outside the ring at his younger brother who would make a fist and Chip would just throw Lance off of him. When Chip got the upper hand and put a tight clamp on Lance, Lance would have to use all his strength and wrestling skill to escape.

These two wrestlers are tearing into each other for 25 minutes. Chip seems to get stronger, and even looks much tougher, as the match goes on. His back muscles are taut and strained. You can actually see the power in this 19 year old.

Even though Lance gets a couple of well earned submissions out of Chip, it's incredible to see these two wrestlers struggle. Lance promises Movimus that he will continue to train Chip. We plan on putting Chip up against bigger and tougher opponents in the future. (Wait till his younger brother is ready to take him on.)

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