Lance Jeffers vs. Eric Malley

Total Running Time: 12:38
File Size: 125.3MB

Lance Jeffers 5'8" 156 32yo
Eric Malley 5'8" 154 28yo

Lance, (blue speedos) from South Carolina, flew into NYC to take on some of the Movimus Wrestlers. Having just competed in "THE CLASH" in Atlanta, Lance was in great shape and ready for some tough competition. We thought Eric (black and white speedos) would be a great match for Lance. Almost exactly the same size, these two guys are very, very strong for their height and weight. Both brag about taking on and defeating much bigger guys. This was a perfect set up.

Lance and Eric wrestle so fast and hard that is difficult to keep track of this one. Lance gets the upper hand right away, but Eric isn't about to let that last too long. Lance works the arms and head real good, Eric likes using his legs for scissors and controlling holds. They both work hard to get and keep control. Eric gets an excellent reverse cradle at the beginning of the second match and we thought it was all over. But Lance just totally powers out ö incredible strength and fortitude. Both these wrestlers strain, pull, and struggle to beat their opponent to the mat, but that is no easy task.

Eric Malley fans will love some real competition for Eric. He has it in Lance Jeffers. This match had to end because of a minor injury to Ericâs shoulder, but they both vowed that this one is not over. We sure hopes it's "to be continued".

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