Allen Travers vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 20:33
File Size: SD 251.7MB/ HD 1.1GB

Allen Travers 5'11" 185 19yo

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 172 32yo

One of Movimus' best customers introduced Allen (blue speedos) to us. Patrick (gold speedos) is his first challenge. Allen was only on the mat about 2 minutes when we realized how much this guy likes to wrestle. Although untrained, he is as strong as anyone his size. He is a college baseball player, in great shape, working out daily. He loves a real tough, challenge wrestling match. He wasn't too sure what to do against Patrick, but he sure knew how to keep Patrick from getting a submission hold on him. Even Patrick's patented cross-ankle leg lock (we still can't believe he beat Bobby Bigelow.) had no effect on this "strong boy".

Allen was able to power out of virtually every hold Patrick got him into. Patrick is no slouch.  He's strong, tough, a real brawler. He knows just about every move and hold there is in submission wrestling. But Allen was just too strong. His powerful body scissors had Patrick squirming to get free. When Allen got behind Patrick on the mat, he stayed there. Patrick was frustrated that he could not reverse Allen. The one time that Patrick got on top and began his calculated attack, Allen just got fast, tough and cruel. He instantly reversed Patrick and threw him to the mat.
You can expect to see a lot more of Allen Travers. We are training him to be good enough for Max Anderson, Cole Brooks, and Bass Berlin of MOVIMUS WRESTLING.

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