Aric Park vs. Jeremy Kato

Total Running Time: 40:15
File Size: HD 2.22GB/ 4K 10.95GB

Aric Park     5’7” 162 lbs.
Jeremy Kato 5’7” 157 lbs.

Jeremy (blue speedos) challenges Aric (orange speedos).   Visiting New York City, Jeremy was totally focused on wrestling Aric.  “He’s better built than me, but I can definitely handle him” Jeremy told us before the match.   Jeremy gets the first take-down and keeps Aric struggling on his back.  Obviously, Jeremy has very strong legs and he knows how to use them.    He keeps attempting to get his legs around Aric’s head, for a scissors or triangle, but Aric is strong enough not to let that happen.  Finally, Aric reverses and uses his very strong upper body to keep Jeremy on the mat and give him a decent punishment.   Jeremy is struggling, but you can see the confidence on Jeremy.   He is totally focused on winning this match.

"It's an equal battle between strength (Park) and prowess (Kato), and I find the struggle absolutely absorbing... This is one of the longest matches Movimus has released in no small part because no sooner does one wrestler gain an advantage than the other rises to the same level."

Ringside at Skull Island

These two go back and forth for 25 minutes, great moves and excellent escapes.   Aric is definitely stronger, but Jeremy is definitely the better wrestler. Aric just gets stronger as the match continues.  Jeremy gets more focused and more determined.   This is full force, total action, non-stop for the entire match.   There wrestlers have excellent stamina and each of them just seems to get better as the match goes on.   There is a definite winner and a very upset loser.   You can be that these two guys will go at each other again.   Aric is working on strength and power, getting himself bigger and stronger.   Jeremy is working on his judo skills.   He has vicious legs and he knows it.   He wants a match against Dave Markus so he can put his legs to the test.   He will get that match and we’ll see if he can take Dave’s legs and catch Dave is a good scissors of his own.

Aric is already asking for a non-stop match against Jeremy until one of them just can’t go on.   Sounds interesting!   Aric may get his wish.

Wrestlers: Aric Park, Jeremy Kato

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