Jolt Jenkins vs. Tommy "Ruk" Rukker

Jolt Jenkins                             6’                  171 lbs               25yo
Tommy “Ruk” Rukker              5’7”               149 lbs               19yo

Ruk (blue speedos) is totally psyched to take down a very well built, muscular big guy. Jolt (green speedos) is not about to lose to another smaller opponent as he did against Case “CT” Thornton. Jolt has something to prove, but he has no idea how very skilled Ruk is. Ruk knows that if he can get Jolt in between his powerful legs, it’s all over.

Ruk gets a side mount, wraps his legs around Jolt’s waist, turns to his side and begins working for a choke. Jolt is super strong and fends off Ruk’s arms, frustrating Ruk. Ruk keeps the mount and brings his legs up for a full front head scissors. He rolls and gets the hold and tries to pull on the back of Jolt’s head. Jolt is in real trouble and squirms, powers and wrestles until he just wears himself out. Jolt taps.

Second match, again Ruk gets a side mount and works from behind Jolt. Jolt tries everything to reverse, but Ruk gets stronger and faster. They exchange moves, reverse each other over and over, and both go for finishing moves. Jolt is strong – Ruk is skilled. What great wrestling. Ruk is not about to lose. Jolt is determined to win. No better match-up.

Look for a lot more of these wrestlers at Movimus. These guys are just exactly the kind of wrestlers we like. No fear, all wrestling, nothing held back. It’s just great.

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