Jolt Jenkins vs. Darren Miller

Total Running Time: 33:56
File Size: HD 1.3GB/ 4K 7.1GB

Jolt Jenkins               6’           175 lbs          25yo
Darren Miller             6’           172 lbs          27yo

Darren (orange speedos), Movimus newcomer, traveled to NYC from Great Britain and contacted us about wrestling Jolt (yellow speedos). Same size, same build – should be a great match. Jolt is more muscular, more cut and he is a workout addict (you can tell). Darren is a wrestler – just loves a good, competitive match. Well, he sure got one ! ! !

Jolt is tough, but lacking wrestling skills. He’s working every week at his gym, learning more and trying to use his muscle to get opponents to tap-out. Darren takes advantage of Jolt’s lack of experience. Darren uses his long-lanky legs to keep Jolt on the mat and work him over. Jolt has enough power to keep Darren away from the finishing holds. It’s when Darren wraps his strong legs around Jolt’s head that Jolt is squirming to get free. Darren is great at controlling the arms, then finishing with his legs, but Jolt is not going to let that happen. A really tight, very effective, rear naked choke has Jolt tapping-out in the first match.

The second match is much longer and both wrestlers just seem to get strong. Over 30 minutes of total mat action. Great cardio from both men- awesome wrestling – super counters – lots of power. This is just what we love at Movimus Wrestling !

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