MJ Walker vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 24:11
File Size: 206.7MB

MJ Walker             5'10"        153 lbs.
Patrick Donovan    6'1"          166 lbs.

Patrick (green speedos) challenged MJ (silver speedos) as soon as Patrick saw MJ wrestle Axel.  We set this match up as soon as it was possible, since it promised to be such a great battle!   MJ's power and skill against Patrick's length, experience, and very strong legs turned out to be the makings of some really super wrestling.

MJ start out by using his collegiate experience to take down Patrick and stay on top.  But MJ is a collegiate wrestler and has trouble thinking submission.  This is Patrick's big advantage.  Although Patrick has trouble reversing the holds (MJ is really strong), Patrick knows all the ocunters.  So MJ has to try wrestling moves that he has never used before.  He finally puts the finisher on Patrick, but Patrick quickly comes back in the second bout and finishes MJ in a totally surprising move.  At first, MJ can't believe that Patrick is asking him "do you give" !  MJ just laughs, but eventually feels the power of the long "Donovan" legs -- and submits.

Mj learns his lesson and is much more cautious of Patrick in the next, and final bout.  MJ controls with his powerful upper body and works for the submission with his incredible legs.  Patrick uses his skill and powerful chest tocounter and reverse everything that MJ tries.  This is a super wrestling match that will keep you glued to your screen right to the very end.   Don't miss it ! ! !

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