MJ Walker vs. Simon Jackson

Total Running Time: 20:22
File Size: SD 174.5MB/ 4K 4.6GB

In a thrilling showcase of youthful prowess and seasoned skill, Simon, freshly graduated from high school and a varsity wrestler donned in navy blue striped speedos, stepped onto the Movimus Wrestling mat to challenge MJ, the experienced wrestler in purple speedos. Simon's transition from high school wrestling to the unforgiving world of submission matches was a test of not only his athletic ability but his spirit as a fighter.

MJ, underestimating the "kid" due to his age and high school background, quickly took control of the match, demonstrating a superior grasp on locks and holds. However, Simon's resilience and brawler instincts soon came to the forefront. With a stunning reversal, Simon managed to lock MJ in a punishing headlock, utilizing his well-honed muscle strength to exert immense pressure.

Just when it seemed Simon's victory was imminent, MJ showcased the resilience and tactical mindset that defines a true wrestler, escaping from what appeared to be an unbreakable hold. The match continued with both wrestlers exchanging control, each moment filled with tension and the anticipation of a submission.

Despite MJ's efforts to dominate the latter part of the match, Simon's determination and readiness to engage left a lasting impression. As the match concluded with Simon's submission, the promise of a rematch hung in the air, signaling the start of a compelling rivalry between the seasoned MJ and the promising newcomer, Simon.

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