Jax Holland vs. Max Anderson: Match 3

Total Running Time: 22:34
File Size: SD 275.7MB/ HD 1.3GB

Jax Holland 6' 198 20yo
Max Anderson 5'11" 192 21yo

The RE-rematch. Jax (red speedos ) comes back to Movimus after another year of college football, fall and spring leagues. He's bigger, much stronger and totally ripped. He's also ten pounds heavier. After already losing two matches to Max (green speedos ), he begs us for another rematch. Max agrees immediately. Max isn't intimidated by Jax' muscles and power at all.

On their feet you can tell that Max has trouble controlling the much stronger Jax, but on the mat "MAX IS THE MAN". He proves that Jax' muscles are no match for his skill. Max is all over the muscle boy. Max constantly looks at the camera and smiles - as if to say "this is too easy". Max just loves pounding on the big muscle football player.

It's three submissions for Max and a completely defeated, frustrated and pissed Jax. Max at 192 pounds is the heaviest he's been and tougher than ever. Jax is just no match for him. This is a slaughter.

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