Connor Flynn vs. Al Kiernan

Total Running Time: 21:14
File Size: SD 259.5MB/ HD 1.23 GB

Connor Flynn 6’1” 174 22yo
Al Kiernan 6’ 182 20yo

Al (blue speedos) has some size and muscle on Connor (brown speedos). This 20 year old came to Movimus from the pro wrestling circuit looking to wrestle a couple submission matches. We suggested Connor be his first match and we told Al to watch a couple of Connor’s matches. The challenge was set.

But, once again, Connor “shows his stuff”. He is one really tough guy and loves a good fight. Connor immediately wrestles Al to the mat and before you know it, Al is taping out. Connor continues the onslaught until Al starts to get tired of being pushed around and starts tying up Connor, just to have Connor wrestle harder and tougher and bring the big 20 year old down again and again. Each time Connor uses his awesome legs for a lock or scissors you can see the pain on Al’s face. Each time Al gets control and begins to work on Connor you can see the determination and flexed muscles on Connor just power out and reverse the bigger guy.

Connor really shows off and we all get to see just how tough a guy Connor Flynn really is. He’s working hard to take on the best that we’ve got at Movimus Wrestling and he is sure going to get his shot. Al went home also with determination to come back much stronger and much more prepared for his next opponent.

Wrestlers: Al Kiernan, Connor Flynn

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