Matt Reid vs. Roger Bennett

Total Running Time: 29:00
File Size: SD 347.2MB/ HD 1.68GB

Matt Reid                    6'0"          205 lbs          24yo
Roger Bennett            6'4"          214 lbs          33yo

Matt (green speedos) is a well trained, in shape submission wrestler. He loves the challenges of a taller, heavier opponent, so he challenged Roger (red speedos) who has been working out every day and training in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu for over 2 years now. Roger is one awesome opponent. Just to face him on the mat is scary, but it didn't phase Matt even a little. Matt was psyched and ready to go.

These two muscle heavyweights were not holding bad at all. Roger brings Matt to the ground initially and tosses him around a little, only to have Matt reverse the move and get control. Roper tries the choke hold, that he likes so much and does so well, but Matt just uses his upper body to power out of it. Matt tries for a head scissors, but Roger squirms out. Matt finally gets a good head scissors on Roger, but Roger just picks Matt off the ground and slams him back to the mat. A totally awesome headlock by Matt has Roger in trouble but not submitting. After about 18 minutes, there is a submission (we're not going to tell you who won the first match), but these two guys just take a real quick break and go back at it.

This is 30 minutes of incredible submission wrestling by these two trained athletes. A great match and one you don't want to miss.

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