Tyrone Howard vs. Clevon Pitts

Total Running Time: 41:03
File Size: 500.9MB

Tyrone Howard     6'3"      177lbs.      19
Clevon Pitts          5'10"    161lbs.      19

These two tough South Africa teens are workout fanatics without much wrestling experience. When they heard about Movimus in South Africa, they can together and asked for a match against each other. Tyrone (blue speedos) has a great height advantage and really powerful legs. Clevon (green speedos) is a powerhouse. This is a one of a kind Movimus Submission Match. There are so many tap outs we couldn't count them. It's almost a one hold tap out - who ever gets the first take-down hold, would ultimately get the tap out. These brawlers are game, challenged and provoked, and they won't stop. When one guy taps out, they get right back up on their feet and start the match all over again.T

Then one of the wrestlers starts to show some fatigue, the other totally takes advantage of that. The verbal barrage of insults and bad mouthing keeps your interest peaked. Not really great wrestling, but two great kids who really want to beat each other. You'll watch these guys over and over again.

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