Damon Mandrake vs. Paul Aristede

Total Running Time: 33:21
File Size: 403.4MB

Damon Mandrake 5'11" 159 21yo
Paul Aristede 6'3" 170 19yo

Movimus goes to South Africa to get these well conditioned wrestled to show us some real submission brawling. Damon (red speedos) and Paul (black and blue speedos) are both practiced and accomplished wrestlers - as you will see for yourself. Damon is not intimidated at all by the four inches that Paul has on him. Both these guys are trained to use their legs to gain a submission, so you'll see lots of leg action in this match. Damon get control right off the bat and begins working some awesome moves on Paul. Paul is no "wuss" and shows that he can take what Damon has to give. Paul gets tossed pretty good in the first few minutes, but manages to reverse the moves and get control on Damon.

At one point, Damon slams Paul to the mat face first, cris crosses his legs immobilizing both of Paul's arms and executes a submission chin lock. These long, lanky wrestlers can do all that, distinguishing their sleek muscularity. Both wrestlers are experts with the head scissors and can usually work a combination at the same time. It's just a matter of who can take the most - who will tap out first. Incredibly, Damon has no problem handling the very long, extremely strong legs on Paul. Paul results in a violent ankle lock to get Damon to tap. Unbelievably, Paul is locked in a head scissors, and Damon taps from the ankle lock.

We have contracted to see many more of these South African wrestlers. The wrestlers are psyched and are looking forward to coming to the USA to wrestle some of the Movimus guys. Who knows, it just may happen.