Patrick Donovan vs. Bass Berlin

Total Running Time: 26:02
File Size: 319.4MB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 178 32yo
Bass Berlin 6'1' 184 22yo

Bass (grey speedos) is a competitive bodybuilder and model. You may recognize him from some of his photo shoots and commercials. He has a fair amount of submission wrestling experience and has been waiting for an opportunity to take on Patrick (red speedos). Patrick is probably in the best shape of his life, working and wrestling as much as he possibly can. His well defined muscular body doesn't compare to the awesome cut muscular Bass. We told Patrick that he better be prepared to wrestle a "greek god". Let us know if you agree.

Bass takes Patrick to the mat right away and Patrick finds both his arms wrapped around his own head. Next Bass slips Patrick into an upper body stretch, grabs one leg and stretches more. As Patrick wrestle out of each hold Bass just overpowers him and takes him to the mat. Bass uses a super head lock and Patrick again tries to squirm out. Finally Bass get him over on his shoulders with both legs trapped under his muscular arms, and it's lights out for Patrick.

Patrick tries his own head lock in the second fall and again Bass powers out. Patrick gets on top a few times and Bass just keeps throwing him off. Patrick even gets lifted off the mat on Bass' shoulder and again thrown to the mat. Patrick uses his infamous leg lock while in a body scissors and asks Bass if he gives. Bass laughs and just clamps tighter on Patrick.

Bass is awesome. Already the Movimus wrestlers are asking to challenge Bass. Rarely have we seen such an excellent physique work such great wrestling moves and holds. Bass has it all and he's going to extremely difficult to get to submit. He told NHB that he is used to wrestling guys 30 lbs heavier than himself. The final submission is a site not seen before on Movimus Wrestling. We hope to bring you many, many more matches with Bass Berlin. Patrick is already working out for the rematch. We wish him luck! ! !

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