Patrick Donovan vs. Hunter O'Reilly

Total Running Time: 22:16
File Size: 265.8MB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 168 31yo
Hunter O'Reilly 6' 161 20yo

After getting tossed around by his two older brothers (both on NYPD) for years, Hunter (green speedos) wanted to try real, submission wrestling for Movimus. He contacted us about 3 months before this match and asked that his first match be against Patrick (blue speedos). Hunter is a good athlete, not much wrestling experience: very, very strong legs and he's a skier. He manages to give Patrick a real tough match, but it's easy to predict from the beginning who the winner will be. Patrick loves wrestling and beating on the younger guys. He'll toy with a young wrestler, tired him out, then wrap those fierce legs around the kid and make him tap! This is definitely the Patrick Donovan style.

Although he was very close to submission in a wicked head scissors, Patrick managed to escape and get his style back. It is great watching Hunter struggle and strain , trying not to lose to Patrick. He relies on his strong legs for power and leverage, and he often foils Patrick's best holds because of that power. But Patrick hangs in there and just wrestles harder and tougher until he gets the tap.

Patrick against Hunter is well worth taking a look at. These two handsome, in shape wrestlers just keep at it until there is no doubt that it must end. It's a great match.

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