Troy Donaldson vs. Justin Roberts

Total Running Time: 22:30
File Size: SD 271.7MB/ HD 1.27GB

            Troy Donaldson                        5’11”     175       36yo
            Justin Roberts                          6’1”       168       19yo

            Justin, the teenager, (black runner shorts), former high school football and baseball player, asked Movimus for a match against Troy, (dark blue speedos). Justin began working out hard and practicing with his college friends about three weeks before this match. In fact, on the day of the match, Justin was complaining that his chest was sore from lifting. He thought that his long, lanky body, his very strong legs, and his youth would be a big advantage against Troy.

            But Tory Donaldson is the “man with experience”. Having recently moved to Los Angeles, Troy has been doing a lot of wrestling and winning most of his matches. He’s been taking on much bigger guys and doing way better than just “holding his own”.

            Immediately, he takes control of Justin. He gets on top in a school boy pin and maintains that position. He has excellent balance, so, even with his strength and length, Justin is hard pressed to roll Troy over. But troy bgins to get frustrated Just is not only strong, bue also determined and won’t give up. The head scissors doesn’t work. A vicious arm bar won’t make the teen submit. Numerous arm and head combination holds are to no avail. Justin won’t give up. Troy keeps calling him a “tough guy”, but the reality is that Justin is getting more and more frustrated himself. At one point, Troy let’s Justin out of a real tight body scissors thinking that Justin gave up – but he did not submit.   We were sure he wanted to continue.

            The second match is just as intense and a lot more even. I guess youth does have an advantage the longer the match goes on. Although, Justin eventually taps out, Troy found himself in a lot more trouble and struggling to escape the teens tight holds.

            Look for more of Justin as he continues to challenge the other Movimus wrestlers. He simply loves the competition of a really good match.

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