Swage vs. Rick Benito

Total Running Time: 14:08
File Size: SD 168.8MB/ 4K 3.06GB

Swage 5'9" 163 24yo
Rick Benito 5'8" 165 28yo

The wrestling world was set ablaze when Swage, known for his unmatched arrogance and dark blue speedos, encountered Rick, a newcomer with an air of street toughness and light blue speedos, in a NYC bar on wrestling night. This chance meeting, fueled by Swage’s boastful tales of his exploits at Movimus Wrestling, set the stage for an epic confrontation that would transcend the usual bounds of the sport.

Rick, motivated by a desire to humble the cocky Swage, sought out Movimus with a singular goal: to challenge Swage to a match. The anticipation built as Swage, unaware of his upcoming opponent, stepped onto the mat to find Rick ready and waiting, setting off a clash of titans that would be remembered in the annals of Movimus history.

From the onset, Swage leveraged his strength with a dominating headlock, confining Rick in a grueling hold that tested the limits of endurance and will. However, Rick’s resilience and sheer determination shone through, refusing to submit to Swage’s might. The match evolved into an all-out brawl, showcasing a level of intensity and ferocity rarely seen in the ring.

Spanning just fourteen minutes, their battle was a testament to the physical and mental toll such a fierce competition exacts on its combatants. With a clear victor emerging from the fray, this match not only satisfied the craving for a classic wrestling challenge but also added a layer of raw, street-fight-like aggression that pushed the boundaries of Movimus Wrestling.

Wrestlers: Origins, Rick Benito, Swage