Swage vs. Rick Benito

Total Running Time: 14:08
File Size: 168.8MB

Swage 5'9" 163 24yo
Rick Benito 5'8" 165 28yo

A Challenge in the most classic sense, with a twist of the intrigue. Swage (dark blue speedos) was at a local bar in NYC on "wrestling" night. With his typical arrogance, he was bragging about his wrestling for Movimus. Rick (light blue speedos) was listening to him at the bar and told Swage that he was interested in wrestling for Movimus. Swage told Rick how to contact us.

When Benito contacted Movimus, his only purpose was to wrestle the "cocky" Swage. When we met Rick, we were sure Swage was in for a real tough fight. Rick looked real tough - street tough. Immediately you can tell that his boy had been in his share of street fights. The match was set and Swage didn't know who he was going to wrestle until he got to the mat. Swage was not only surprised, but pretty angry too. He was definitely ready to do some damage but Rick was ready, boy was he ready. Swage started by taking Rick down with a headlock. We are still not sure if Swage was just strong enough to hold that head lock or if he was just to scared to let Rick out of it, but he held it for almost five minutes and did loads of damage. Rick would not give to Swage. He wanted a piece of that "cocky" boy's butt.

The match was incredible, the wrestling totally awesome. They pushed , locked, fought, and wrestled like it was to the death. This match is only fourteen minutes because it was just too tough to go on longer and there is a definite winner. It's the closest to a vicious fist fight that Movimus has ever published. At one point, Swage hit his head on the floor off the mat while trying for a flying body scissors. Not even that would stop him.

What a fight - Swage fans won't want to miss this one!

Wrestlers: Origins, Rick Benito, Swage