Pete Chambers vs. Bryan Pappagio

Total Running Time: 16:30
File Size: 199.4MB

Pete Chambers         5’11”         143        18yo
Bryan Pappagio        5’7”           134        19yo

Brand new wrestler Pete (blue speedos) contacted Movimus from near Houston, Texas and said he was a boxer and would we do a boxing match for him. Well, the Movimus persuasive team when to work on him and obviously we won. His first opponent is Bryan (black speedos) , smaller but a former HS wrestler. We thought this would be a very even match-up since Bryan has the experience edge and Pete, in good shape, had a weight and height advantage. Rarely, have we been so wrong.  

Pete dominates right from the outset. His length and balance was just too much for Bryan. Although a real brawler, Bryan has his hands full with this 18 year old scrufty fighter. In less than two minutes, Pete gets Bryan in a cross face, neck twisting head lock and cranks on him. Bryan taps with a few explicit expletives. Now, the more cautious Bryan tries using his legs and gets a good scissors, but Pete counters with a scissors of his own forcing Bryan to break his scissors in order to escape the torturous legs of the lanky kid.

At one point Bryan gets in a real tight reverse head lock and twists Pete’s neck and head. Amazingly, Pete lifts his legs and wraps up Bryan head, but Bryan keeps the head lock and twists harder. Pete is down again on his back looking for a way not to tap out. Bryan really puts up a good fight. He pulls out all the stops but Pete is tough and won’t back down. It seems the more hurt Pete gets, the tougher he becomes.

You can bet you are going to see a lot more of Pete Chambers in much more challenging matches. He already said he wants to challenge Max Anderson.

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