Stephano Artega vs. Caleb Fairchild

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Stephano Artega 5'7" 142 23yo
Cal Fairchild 5'9" 145 23yo

Stephano (light blue speedos) came to Movimus asking to challenge the toughest wrestler his size that we had. Stephano is a gymnast - an excellent gymnast. He works on all five gymnastic events at least three times a week. He's competitive. He's been in no less than eighteen gymnastic competitions and done very, very well. His muscular definition and form is unbeatable. His power is unquestionable. He's not a trained wrestler , but he felt he was ready to take on the best Movimus has to offer. So we put him up against the undefeated Cal Fairchild (Purple speedos).

Call too is not a trained wrestler, but he is a personal trainer by profession and keeps himself in awesome shape. Cal was not intimidated by Stephano at all. He welcomed the challenge and looked forward to the match. This is one of those rare matches that goes a full twenty-five minutes with just one submission - at the very end. These guys are not about to quit. They are both incredibly strong and can toss the other around. They have a very even exchange of moves and holds throughout. Neither wrestler is taking it easy, but both are wrestling very cautiously. They both know that at anytime the other wrestler can clamp on a move or hold that could get a submission. They both have very strong legs, and use them well, but each is very leary of the head scissors. Body scissors are real common because both wrestlers are afraid of the other guys legs.

At one point, Cal - completely on top of Stephano - asks if he wants to take a break. When Stephano says "yes". Cal says "great - just tap out". The loser taps at the end more out of shear exhaustion than from the submission hold. We'll give you a hint - Cal is still undefeated - but you can bet that Stephano is bound and determined to put an end to that statement.

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