Enrique Tallos vs. Ponch Aviles

Total Running Time: 35:37
File Size: 433.8MB

Enrique Tallos            5'6"        136 lbs       18yo
Ponch Aviles              5'6"        144 lbs       18yo

Ponch (blue speedos) comes to Movimus right off his HS wrestling team He's a freshman in college and in great shape. After seeing his first match, he got one of his teammates to practice some submission wrestling with him. His first choice was to wrestle Enrique (black/red speedos), so we set it up.

Ponch is real strong and skilled and we thought that Enrique might be over-matched. But he hasn't let us down yet and he loves wrestling bigger guys, so we gave him a shot at Ponch. We were surprised and impressed when these guys went a full 28 minutes without a break, and a very even number of submission an tap-outs. But they are both choke-hold wrestlers. They went at each other like they really hated each other. So after the match, we asked.

They actually met each other about 5 months ago, during the summer, at a club in Indiana. They had words in the club and both were ready to go at it right there. Their friends broke it up. Later, Ponch found out that Enrique wrestled for Movimus and that is why he contacted us to wrestle. So there is not love lost between these two wrestlers.

They choke each other out over and over again. It's actually painful to watch and these guys are out for blood. It's even hard to say who the winner is of this one and you'll have to decide that for yourself and but it absolutely super to watch.