Danny Hunter vs. Travis Bee

Total Running Time: 21:43
File Size: 2363MB

Danny Hunter 5'9" 138 22yo
Travis Bee 5'7" 127 19yo

We welcomes these two lightweight, young, newcomers. Danny (blue striped speedos) contacted Movimus for a match and said he had a friend. Travis (black speedos) turned out to be his "hot" friend. Both these guys have minimal wrestling experience, but are in great shape and learning different moves and holds, as well as counters, all through this match. Being friends, neither wants to lose to the other. That always makes for a very aggressive match. Danny appears to be the stronger of the two as he stretches and squeezes Travis. But Travis shows that he can take a lot and still come back to throw in some tight moves and clamps of his own.

Watching these two young guys go at each other is great entertainment. You can sense the determination as Travis breaks out of a tight body scissors, or as Danny won't let Travis clamp on the full nelson. Caution gives way to recklessness as both these guys want to win. When Danny wins the first fall, Travis is just more determined to look good for the Movimus audience and wrestles with every bit of power and muscle he has. He wants to defeat Danny.

Both these guys asked us for training and wrestling lessons and they are getting them now. Look for both these young guys in future Movimus Matches.