Patrick Donovan vs. Justin Roberts

Total Running Time: 24:29
File Size: 297.5MB

Justin Roberts       6’1”         169 lbs.  19yo
Patrick Donovan    6’1”         167 lbs   27yo


Movimus e-mailed Patrick (black and red speedos) and asked if he wanted a match with Justin (blue speedos). Patrick e-mailed back "YES, YES, YES". The match was set. We thought right from the beginning that this would be an awesome match, and it turned out to be one of the best Movimus has ever produced. The wrestlers are in great shape, strong and with true "wrestling smarts". A more even match can’t be imagined. It turned out to be Patrick;s experience against Justins’s youth. This match went 5 falls. Score was 3-2 (we’ll let you see who the winner is). This is one you‰’ll never get tired of watching.

Justin’s legs are all over Patrick. At the very beginning Justin gets him in a head scissors (the first of many), and a double arm bar. Patrick systematically got out of it and reversed the move. Patrick tries a full nelson, but Justin powers out. Patrick resorts to a vicious body scissors that has Justin grasping for air and groping to get to his feet.

Patrick keeps falling victim to Justin’s incredibly strong legs. Justin begins to realize that he is not going to beat Patrick with just a scissors, so he has to use combination holds. They are painful just to watch. This match is great. DON’T MISS IT !

The rematch is already scheduled between these two muscle boys. Watch for it coming out soon.

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