Justin Roberts vs. Zack Armstrong

Total Running Time: 26:47
File Size: 286.4MB

Justin Roberts 6'1" 168 19yo
Zack Armstrong 5'10" 153 28yo

We has been trying to get Zack (blue speedo) to do a Movimus match for over a year. We first met him in NYC and he didn't want to be taped unless he was wearing a mask. Right away we knew he would be an awesome wrestler. He's got all it takes to be great. Justin (green speedos) has been training hard and learning a lot of submission moves and holds. He's gearing up for a match against Brandon Aldrich

Justin was prepared to win easily, at least that is what he was telling himself. These guys never met till the match. Zack was more cautious and less optimistic. He thought the height and weight advantage of Justin would be too much. They start the match even, both trying for control, and Justin wins out with a great cradle that he holds on Zack for a long time. When Zack finally breaks out, he is pretty well spent for the rest of the first match. He tries to hang on and get Justin down, but it doesn't work. Justin eventually gets him in a real tight full body scissors and Zack submits.

Zack suddenly decides that he is not going to get beat by this "punk kid" and he begins the second match with increased vigor and renewed determination. He gets tougher and tougher as the match continues, and Justin takes a lot of punishment. The second match lasts over 20 minutes of total submission wrestling at an incredible pace. (It was over 90 deg that night in NYC.) Lots of scissors, face locks, pushing and pounding. Also, an incredible full nelson that has both wrestlers squirming for position.

Both of these guys have nothing to be ashamed of, but of course, there is a winner. You won't want to miss this match. We are proud to say that this match is "truly" Movimus WRESTLING!