Trent Barrow vs. Jay Rokk

Total Running Time : 19:22
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Trent Barrow 5'9" 149 18yo
Jay Rokk 5'6" 147 18yo

Trent (blue speedos) and Jay (green speedo) are both trained fighters, in great shape. They are friends from school who have been planning this match for NHB for more than a month. Both guys were psyched and ready to fight. These two 18 year olds are incredible. They both have been working out all through High School and both are trained in "shoot fighting". Neither wanted to go home a loser, you know, all that macho stuff. NHB was amazed at the variety of moves and holds that these guys know, and at the counters as well. I think that both these guys are going to do a lot of winning in NHB wrestling.

The physique on both of them gives you just an idea how strong they are. Their stamina and cardio-vascular endurance canít be topped. They just didnít want to stop this match. There are 6 submissions in this one, some real quick and amazing, others long and drawn out. It is absolutely not a draw, there is a decisive winner. Itís so cool watching these two teens battle like they did. Both guys say they want to take on "real" wrestlers who are at least 20 lbs. heavier than they are. Iím sure youíll see that in the near future.

For those of us who have been wrestling for a long time, there is a lot to be learned here. I couldnít believe how they got some of the submissions. I thought I had seen all the moves and holds possible (and probably been caught in most of them), but I learned some new ones in this match-up. This is truly a unique NHB match. I expect to see a lot more of these two muscleboys.