Seth Ottoman vs. Nick Fabrizio

Total Running Time: 15:49
File Size: 229MB

Seth Ottoman 5'7" 178 29yo
Nick Fabrizio 5'7" 190 31yo

Seth (blue speedos) was visiting NYC and asked Movimus for a match with Nick (yellow speedos). Seth is a seasoned wrestled and thought he would be able to handle the total muscle package, Nick. But Nick is no wimp. He might be an avid bodybuilder, but he has been an athlete for all of his adult life. Also, he hates to lose, so Nick was up for the challenge.

This match has a fast start and maintains that fast pace. Seth used all his wrestling ability and tried every move and hold he knew to make Nick submit. Nick shows those awesome muscles as he powers out of every hold. Seth keeps using his knowledge and skill to keep Nick from getting him in the finishing move. He is real good at it too.

Both of these guys proved to be as equal a match as Movimus has ever seen. There is only one submission, right at the end, when both wrestlers are exhausted. Nick's chiseled muscularity and Seth's quickness and ability are totally tested. Who do you think wins out in speed and wrestling ability? Both wrestlers are Bodybuilders with big muscles and lots of power.

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