Patrick Donovan vs. Craig Hutton

Total Running Time: 17:45
File Size: 150.5MB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 167 28yo

Craig Hutton 6'1" 165 31yo

Craig (black speedos) was visiting NYC from San Francisco and asked us for a match while he was in the Big Apple. What a perfect match for Patrick (light blue speedos). Craig told Movimus he had some experience and loved to wrestle. He wanted to take on a New York boy. When we suggested Patrick Donovan, Craig jumped eagerly at the opportunity.

Craig seemed to be a bit intimidated by Patrick when they first met. Craig, being a real quiet type guy, was even asked by Patrick before the match began if he was up for this. "Absolutely" was his response. Maybe he is quiet and subdued off the mat, but he showed his stuff on the mat. He sure had wrestled before, and it was quite obvious. Patrick went right to work with his great leg scissors. Craig showed that wasn't going to be a victim to the awesome Donovan legs, at least not right off.

These two long, lanky bodies really worked each other over. They both showed that they knew how to use those long arms and legs. But Patrick showed his ability and determination in taking the first fall and then throwing some verbal abuse at the San Franciscan. But Craig kept his cool, doubled his determination, but remained a super nice guy. They wrestled two more submissions, hard, tough, and real. Patrick Donovan showed his stuff (and other things) again. Craig is going back to California a better man.

Hopefully, you will see a lot more of Craig Hutton. He promises to be an Movimus favorite.

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