Trevor Nolan vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 18:56
File Size: 373.6

Trevor Nolan             6’4"          188            28yo
Patrick Donovan      6’1"          166            27yo

Patrick (tight, hot, green speedos) asked Movimus for a match with a bigger guy. We found Trevor (black speedos) working out at the Chelsea Pier. Trevor, tall, lanky, in great cardiovascular shape, does not have a lot of wrestling experience, but he sure is a "game" competitor. Patrick thinks he is going to give this rookie a real wrestling lesson. We warned Patrick that the tall guys are the toughest submission wrestlers, but "cocky" Patrick thought he was in for an easy squash-job.

What surprised Patrick the most was how he couldn’t use his legs to wrap this tall dude up. Patrick kept trying the body scissors, but Trevor kept pushing his way out. When he tried for a head scissors, Patrick’s legs would not reach the stretched out neck of Trevor. Trevor’s stunning cardiovascular shape soon began to wear on Patrick. Both men were working real hard and, when they passed the 10-minute mark, both were totally exhausted, but wouldn’t give up. Patrick’s unmatchable wrestling ability finally won out in the first fall, but that just made Trevor more determined.

The second match started fast and wild and then got worse. Patrick was in real submission trouble many times. Trevor was using his long legs to over power the better wrestler. Patrick was trying to get Trevor tired by getting harder and faster, but it didn’t work.

There are only two falls in this match, since it took so long and both men were totally exhausted. The ending is totally unbelievable. NHB senses a rematch in the making on this one.

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