John Paul Hammer vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 13:55
File Size: 276.3MB

                        John Paul Hammer       6’1"           171         22yo
                        Patrick Donovan            6’1"           161         27yo

This was an on-line cyber match that carried over to the Movimus Rec Room. John Paul (blue speedos) is a customer who contacted and challenged Patrick ( green speedos). Patrick wanted the match in the Rec Room and John Paul agreed. John Paul thought he was going to destroy Patrick. He figured his 10 lbs. and 5 years was going to be a great advantage. John Paul is a great looking young guy with hairy legs and chest. His defined muscularity, great personality, and aggressive attitude promised to be Patrick’s challenge. Patrick quickly showed him who was the better wrestler. John Paul was tough, or at least tried to be, and hung in there as long as he could, but this match was all Patrick.

This is a real challenge, squash job. Patrick used every move and hold he could on John Paul. We couldn’t even keep track of how many submissions there were, but John Paul said he was sore for days after this match. He still wants a re-match (believe it or not).

Patrick’s wrestling skills have greatly improved in the last few months. He is concentrating on getting down the most difficult and complicated moves and his opponents are suffering because of it. We are in the process of getting much more worthy competition for Patrick. Keep watching the web site for more Patrick Donovan action

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